Create Your Own Apps - Coding for Kids - Android Computer Programming (Ages 12+) - Code in JAVA and Build 4 Mobile Smartphone Apps - Programming for kids - Assumes basic coding skills

Create Your Own Apps - Coding for Kids - Android Computer Programming (Ages 12+) - Code in JAVA and Build 4 Mobile Smartphone Apps - Programming for kids - Assumes basic coding skills
From Simply Coding

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Product Description

Expand your child's working knowledge of science, math and the Android platform with a school board approved programming curriculum for kids!

Careers in technology are quickly ascending to a fever pitch with computer programming and infrastructure engineers being more valued than ever before. Simply Coding was designed to help give your child a leg up in this fast-paced industry, supplying them with the tools, skills and hands-on experience they need to use Java to maneuver the world of creating applications for the Android operating system. Get your child our in-depth, school board approved programming course today and let them learn a valuable skill at their own pace. And with real-time support from our programming experts, you'll never find a better time to expand their education.

Product Details:

  • Learn Java and Create Android Apps
  • 35-Hour Course
  • Step-by-Step App Writing Instructions
  • Video Review Sessions
  • Learn GPS Map Location and Device Hardware Control
  • Compatible with PC, Mac and Linux
  • Prerequisite Knowledge of Basic Coding Logic Preferred
  • Ages 12+

ATTENTION: Each box contains a registration code with access to our online class. Register your code by visiting our website and creating an account, and you'll receive exclusive access to online videos and tutorials.

Learn to make apps for your smartphone and your desktop PC with our educational Android coding system. Click 'Add to Cart' now to get yours.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #6555 in Software
  • Brand: Simply Coding
  • Platforms: Linux, Mac, Windows
  • Format: Download: Registration Code
  • Dimensions: 1.00" h x 4.00" w x 6.00" l,


  • CREATE ANDROID APPS: The APPS - ANDROID program is designed to help youth learn how to build smartphone applications through hands-on instructions that teach them all about this growing platform. From Games to GPS map locators to flashlight apps, the possibilities are endless.
  • REAL TIME MENTORING: Each Simply Coding program comes with a comprehensive homeschool curriculum for self-paced learning, but we also provide live Q&A opportunities twice a month with our Java Android Apps mentors for enhanced learning and confidence building. This course assumes basic understanding of coding techniques: variables, functions, arrays, objects and loops.
  • STEM CERTIFIED, SCHOOL and HOMESCHOOL APPROVED CURRICULUM: Carefully designed by professional programmers and tested by thousands of children, the Simply Coding programming system has been approved by school systems all over the country, both as course catalogs and after school programs. Your child has done Scratch, Khan Academy,, Hour of Code and now this is the NEXT STEP!
  • EXPANDS CRITICAL THINKING: Simply Coding educational software goes beyond teaching children how to build games and learn coding, it expands their critical thinking skills, spatial reasoning and ability to innovate. This is the perfect step towards a bright future in computer science and mathematics.
  • PC, MAC & LINUX: Android fully supports their IDE Android Studio. Students will need to download Android Studio in order to do this course. Lesson 1 will teach them how to do this. It can take an hour to a few hours depending on the computer. This Online Course is accessed via the registration code, create an account, and then use our videos and tutorials to start learning how to create Android Apps with Java.

Customer Reviews

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3More complex than we thought
By banana19anna
This product is more complex than we had hoped for based on the description. It makes it sound like it is very easy and self-paced, that you can use the access code and it will walk you through each step with your child. However, first you had to download a very large size app. That took quite a while. Then we had a hard time finding where the actual courses were. There were several options, and none of them were had to pay for them. This was actually the 3rd course, not the 1st, so it was confusing to figure out how to start at basically step 3. Once we got into the course, it was difficult to follow the instructions. It wasn't straight forward, and there many windows all over the place. It wasn't like a step 1, 2, 3 thing. I coded a few things as it said to, and it still didn't seem to work. We wanted to test this product out before giving it to our child, and we had quite a hard time with it, and we are pretty tech-savvy people. I don't believe this is something I can walk my child through. Perhaps it if were a part of a school based curriculum, it might go better, but definitely not something we feel we can do at home. Or, perhaps if we would have started with the first level, maybe we wouldn't feel so lost, but starting with this package is not something we'd recommend. We don't want to give it a bad rating because of these factors, but we do want people to know that this is not for amateurs.

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.
1In the end this was a complete waste of money for me
By Libertad Green
Unfortunately, I was never able to get the application to work. I emailed the company for assistance, and at first received a few emails in response. I was told I needed to download something else in order to get the app to work. I tried downloading it, but the app still did not work. I emailed seeking further assistance and never received another response. In the end this was a complete waste of money for me.

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful.
4Lots of help if needed
By amber3ta
I have just started using this product in my spare time. I was under the impression it was for little kids. So as a 32-year-old who grew up WITH technology, not into it, I thought this would be an easy and fun to learn. It is a little difficult at least from a kids standpoint (they would prob need parents help getting set up). I have to reread things a couple times and flip between screens a lot. They do have A LOT of help though and actual people you can talk too. I would recommend this to anyone just starting out without a clue.

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