Information Security Analytics: Finding Security Insights, Patterns, and Anomalies in Big Data

Information Security Analytics: Finding Security Insights, Patterns, and Anomalies in Big Data
By Mark Talabis, Robert McPherson, Inez Miyamoto, Jason Martin

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Product Description

Information Security Analytics gives you insights into the practice of analytics and, more importantly, how you can utilize analytic techniques to identify trends and outliers that may not be possible to identify using traditional security analysis techniques.

Information Security Analytics dispels the myth that analytics within the information security domain is limited to just security incident and event management systems and basic network analysis. Analytic techniques can help you mine data and identify patterns and relationships in any form of security data. Using the techniques covered in this book, you will be able to gain security insights into unstructured big data of any type.

The authors of Information Security Analytics bring a wealth of analytics experience to demonstrate practical, hands-on techniques through case studies and using freely-available tools that will allow you to find anomalies and outliers by combining disparate data sets. They also teach you everything you need to know about threat simulation techniques and how to use analytics as a powerful decision-making tool to assess security control and process requirements within your organization. Ultimately, you will learn how to use these simulation techniques to help predict and profile potential risks to your organization.

  • Written by security practitioners, for security practitioners
  • Real-world case studies and scenarios are provided for each analytics technique
  • Learn about open-source analytics and statistical packages, tools, and applications
  • Step-by-step guidance on how to use analytics tools and how they map to the techniques and scenarios provided
  • Learn how to design and utilize simulations for "what-if" scenarios to simulate security events and processes
  • Learn how to utilize big data techniques to assist in incident response and intrusion analysis

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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #1172486 in eBooks
  • Published on: 2014-11-25
  • Released on: 2014-11-25
  • Format: Kindle eBook

Editorial Reviews

"...a good how-to guide with plenty of coding examples, to show the reader how to effectively use the tools to make sense of the data they have....the gold-standard on the topic."

About the Author
Sanford Friedenthal is an MBSE Consultant. He has been an advocate for model-based systems engineering and a leader of the industry team that developed SysML from its inception through its adoption by the OMG.

Alan Moore is an Architecture Modeling Specialist at The MathWorks. He has extensive experience in the development of real-time and object-oriented methodologies and their application. Alan was co-chair of the OMG's Real-time Analysis and Design Working Group and served as the language architect during the development of SysML.

Rick Steiner is an independent consultant focusing on pragmatic application of systems engineering modeling techniques. He culminated his 29 year career at Raytheon as an Engineering Fellow, Raytheon Certified Architect and INCOSE Expert Systems Engineering Professional (ESEP).

Mr. Steiner has been an advocate, consultant, and instructor of model driven systems development for over 20 years. He has served as chief engineer, architect, or lead system modeler for several large scale electronics programs, incorporating the practical application of the OOSEM methodology and generation of Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) artifacts from complex system models.

Mr. Steiner has been a key contributor to both the original requirements for SysML and the development of SysML specification. While his main technical contribution has been in the area of allocations, requirements, and the sample problem, Mr. Steiner has also served as co-chair of the SysML Revision Task Force (RTF). He continues to provide frequent tutorials and workshops on SysML and model driven engineering topics at INCOSE events, NDIA conferences, and other corporate engagements.

Customer Reviews

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5A Good Companion
By Frank C. Alvidrez
Often, you can tell the value of a book by what shape it's in. My copy of A Practical Guide to SysML is pretty beat up. Not only does it have a lot of my own scribbling in the margins and blue and yellow highlighting (blue for things to come back and skim and yellow for things to absolutely visit again), it has coffee, peach and other various stains. This book resides in my brief case (my satchel bag) and goes with me ("A Good Companion") when I have to accompany my wife on errands (if I am 30 minutes in any place I will read a passage or two). With this book and an iPod, I can handle anything including long waits in any airport or any delays anywhere.

Sandy and the team do an outstanding job of introducing the reader into one of the most important new System Engineering tools available today; SysML. As pointed out by others, it's not just about software anymore, it often about architectures and the enterprise. As the trends in system development move from platform centric to NetCentric, as work for organizations moves from individuals to collaborative enterprise efforts and as we all try to improve our processes and add value to collaborative efforts, a model of "what we're doing" becomes so important. The team does an outstanding job of presenting the concept of Model Based System Engineering (MBSE) in Chapter 2 and providing a great example to follow in the subsequent chapters. Throughout the book, the explanation of the diagrams and concepts are thorough and easy to understand. I thank the authors for making it interesting and relevant.

For those just starting in the field, this book is an outstanding accompaniment to any of the SysML CASE tools that are emerging. In fact, I highly recommend to anybody who is going to be working in the System Engineering field (be it automotive, aerospace, civil engineering, architecture, software, disaster relief, etc.) to keep a copy of this book handy in case you get delayed some place and want make use of some spare time.

Frank C. Alvidrez, CEA
Lancaster, CA

Post Scrip (Feb 09) - I had the great fortune of attending a two day intense INCOSE sponsored tutorial on SysML taught by Sandy in Old Town Pasadena Nov 08. Wow, what a drink from the knowledge fire hose. Sandy's insight in model organization (using block diagrams for domain modeling) of complex projects was just one stunning eye opener. If anybody gets a chance to attend of one these, do it.

- Frank

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful.
1I thought it would be a great book given the price
By Andrew Chen
I thought it would be a great book given the price. Instead this book is pretty much run through the trendy phrases and hit here and there without any end-to-end practical examples nor well thought out methodology. Waste of time.

2 of 4 people found the following review helpful.
5Kindle edition updated!
By Steven W. Mitchell
This is an excellent book, but why is the Kindle version the 2008 edition, while the hardcopy is the 2009 edition? I have both the 2008 and 2009 editions in hardcopy, and there are significant updates. The SysML standard continues to evolve, and this book is evolving with it. The Kindle edition should be the latest and greatest, not an obsolete edition.

Updated on 7 Dec 2011:

FINALLY! With the 2nd edition the Kindle edition has caught up with the hardcopy. This book is THE indispensable reference, and now I can carry it with me everywhere I work.

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