PLC Professional Programming Software, Simulator, Monitoring, Example and Manuals. Virtual Controller and Automation DL



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PLC Programming Software, Programming and Simulation, Time clocks, Timer, Logic and more , For training and Development, No hardware required. PLC Program and Simulator features include: Featured: inputs, outputs and functions. Input Switches operable from the computer keyboard or by clicking on them. Instantaneous Relay contacts (normally-open and normally-closed). Instantaneous Timer contacts (normally-open and normally-closed). Timed Timer and counter contacts Branch wiring Real Time 365 Day Clock Day, Month, Years Weekly timer: Hour, Days Latch and Unlatch Relays Master Control Relays (MCR) On-Delay Timers (TON) Off-Delay Timers (TOF) Retentive Timers (RTO) Counters Timer/Counter Reset (RES) Shift Register Set Reset Logical Outputs (AND, OR, NOT, and XOR) And More . For Windows Cost of this package is for the Compilation, Production, Packing and Examples, The software is FREE

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