IT Architecture For Dummies



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A solid introduction to the practices, plans, and skillsrequired for developing a smart system architecture

Information architecture combines IT skills with business skillsin order to align the IT structure of an organization with themission, goals, and objectives of its business. This friendlyintroduction to IT architecture walks you through the myriad issuesand complex decisions that many organizations face when setting upIT systems to work in sync with business procedures.

Veteran IT professional and author Kirk Hausman explains thebusiness value behind IT architecture and provides you with anaction plan for implementing IT architecture procedures in anorganization. You'll explore the many challenges that organizationsface as they attempt to use technology to enhance their business'sproductivity so that you can gain a solid understanding of theelements that are required to plan and create an architecture thatmeets specific business goals.

  • Defines IT architecture as a blend of IT skills and businessskills that focuses on business optimization, businessarchitecture, performance management, and organizationalstructure
  • Uncovers and examines every topic within IT architectureincluding network, system, data, services, application, andmore
  • Addresses the challenges that organizations face whenattempting to use information technology to enable profitabilityand business continuity

While companies look to technology more than ever to enhanceproductivity, you should look to IT Architecture For Dummiesfor guidance in this field.

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