Coding Essentials from

The Coding Essentials Training Series from IT1me provides a working understanding of coding tools, tactics and strategies. Learn skills that are sought after by employers with the help of experienced professionals. The Coding Essentials series is $1,500 and includes instructor-led training for 6 courses.

Project-Based Learning

Each course provides a hands-on approach to learning. Participants connect with resources on to complete a project plan. The instructor serves as the project manager -- providing direction and feedback. Participant learn by completing common projects related to each course. At the end of each course, they have something to demonstrate their abilities. They also have a foundation on which to learn more.

Essential Coding Series

The Essential Coding Series includes 6 courses and 20 hours of expert-led support. Participants receive a hosting account where they can develop applications, experiment and showcase their abilities. Resources are provided to help learn coding syntax and solve coding problems. These resources include code examples, video instruction, study guides and tutorials.

Coding Courses

Take courses at your own pace and according to your needs. Each course provides a detailed plan for learning and doing. Instructors help you to navigate the plan, develop solutions and connect with resources. Participants are given the tools to start coding and progressively build upon what is learned.



HTML tells devices what to show and how to show it online. Since applications have increasingly moved online, HTML has become a vital skill. We help participants gain comfort and confidence with the language. Participants use HTML to build a framework for web applications.



CSS gives HTML style across devices and browsers. It makes applications easier to use and more attractive. We introduce participants to CSS through hands-on activities. Participants leverage CSS to design an application interface and to format HTML pages.



JavaScript makes web applications work. It is widely used in the development of mobile and web applications. Participants use JavaScript to create an application according to a project plan. They learn where to find answers and how to solve problems using JavaScript.



SQL is the language of data and databases. It is a highly sought after skill for marketers, analysts, developers and managers. Participants learn to get data from databases -- and to add, update and delete data. SQL is used to meet the data needs of an application by following a project plan.



mySQL is an open-source database that runs applications for much of the Internet. mySQL powers WordPress, Drupal, and Magento software. Participants learn to access mySQL via cPanel and phpMyAdmin. mySQL is used to create tables, modify tables and test SQL queries for an application.



PHP connects an application to databases, files, and server functionality. Participants learn to develop code that gets data from a data source and puts data into a database. As part of the project plan, they'll utilize PHP to upload files, send confirmation emails, and develop reporting.



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