We Support the Decision-Making Process

In a B2B environment, technology decisions are made with the buy in of others. There are few impulse buyers. Few are persuaded by slogans, flashy ads or special offers. For IT decision-makers, a choice can impact their effectiveness and security within an organization. They want tools and resources to justify and present a choice to internal and external stakeholders. IT1me.com was created to provide these tools and resources. IT1me promotes the brands of decision-makers and clients by finding the right fit.

We Engage Prospects Across Channels and Buying Stages

Helping targeted prospects navigate their way through the decision-making process enabled IT1me.com to attract over 100,000 monthly visitors. Our digital campaigns connect clients to millions of targeted IT professionals and decision-makers across multiple channels -- and at various stages of their decision-making journey. Through testing and the data generated from testing, we help clients to optimize targeting, messaging and frequency around conversions.

We Become Experts on Our Clients

We become experts on the goals, capabilities and markets of our clients. Together, we examine digital initiatives, past campaign results and strategies. We also get to know the digital approach of competitors and targeted decision-makers. With this insight, we develop a testing plan to engage markets and drive conversions. The testing plan outlines assumptions, establishes baselines, initial targeting, campaign workflow and strategic goals.

We Probe Markets for Opportunities and Threats

IT1me Market Testing

Our approach is focused on learning from campaigns in order to generate profitable, scalable and defendable conversions. Leveraging our experience and campaign data, we find out what works and what doesn't -- quickly. Then, we optimize targeting, messaging and landing pages around conversions. In the process, we acquire, analyze and report on market intelligence. Using a multi-channel approach, IT1me probes for opportunities and threats.

We Measure and Optimize for Success

Our expertise was acquired by managing millions of digital ad dollars, hundreds of campaigns, and multiple channels. We know what success looks like and how to measure it. Through experience, experimentation and studying markets -- we've uncovered measurable datapoints for success. Using these guideposts, we've helped companies to grow conversions in highly competitive markets. Clients are shown the validity of our approach within their own data, competitor data and supported research from trusted sources.

We Work to Build Competitive Assets

There is an abundance of narrowly focused specialties within digital marketing that rely on strategies that are well-defined and predictable. This creates an opportunity that has been exploited by companies in multiple markets -- both B2B and B2C.  Marketers who look at data from a holistic viewpoint, can see how consumers actually make decisions across their buying journey. This presents opportunities to improve performance across channels, while creating assets that aren't shared with competitors. Through testing, we help clients to build competitive assets that can be defended and scaled.

We Think Beyond the Limitations of Search Markets

In most online technology markets, competitors huddle at the end of the conversion funnel as prospects search for terms like "CRM integration", "web development services" or specific technologies. Via paid search, companies pay $10 or more per click to engage a limited pool of prospects. Within organic search, they compete for this small audience against companies fluent in SEO best practices and content marketing. We've studied and worked with companies who have succeeded by thinking beyond the limitations of search markets.

We Grow Brands and Shrink Markets for Competitors

Our approach seeks to grow brands in ways that are measurable and profitable. As brands grow within a market, they replace the search terms relied upon by competitors. This puts pressure on costs, while lowering the reach of search channel participants. Through Brand Activity, our clients increase traffic and conversions in ways that can be defended and scaled. They bypass the limitations of search and improve effectiveness across channels.


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