5 Most Wanted Development Skills

Working with Capital TechSearch, we notice trends surrounding specific skills sought by employers. Knowledge of these 5 development skills can impact your opportunities and earnings, right now. Add skills to your IT1me Skills List to be considered for opportunities. IT1me.com has videos, code examples and study guides to help you learn or brush up on each skill. Log in with LinkedIn to view resources and manage your skills.

Node.js skills are in demand in the US. Jobs asking for node.js skills pay $100K to $150K. Click here to learn more or add to your skills list.

ReactJS developers are sought after in US job markets. React is currently being used by many of the world's largest Internet companies. Click here to learn more or add to your skills list.

Java developer skills are a constant need of employers. Average salaries for Java job postings in DC are 25% higher than average salaries for Java job postings nationwide. Click here to learn more or add to your skills list.

Bootstrap skills are becoming vital for web design and development jobs. Bootstrap adds responsive design credentials to your resume. Click here to learn more or add to your skills list.

AngularJS is being used by a growing number of companies for web development and mobile apps. Click here to learn more or add to your skills list.

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JavaScript    Skills  Learn
JavaScript syntax    Skills  Learn
JavaScript engine    Skills  Learn
JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit    Skills  Learn
JavaScript library    Skills  Learn
JavaScript Style Sheets    Skills  Learn
JavaScriptMVC    Skills  Learn
JavaScript templating    Skills  Learn
JavaScript graphics library    Skills  Learn
JavaScript OSA    Skills  Learn
JavaScript framework    Skills  Learn
JavaScript Object Notation    Skills  Learn
Javascript comment    Skills  Learn
JavaScript 2    Skills  Learn
Javascript:    Skills  Learn
Javascript core    Skills  Learn
JavaScript for Automation    Skills  Learn
JavaScript source map    Skills  Learn
Javascript tag    Skills  Learn
Javascript for Dummies    Skills  Learn
Javascriptlet    Skills  Learn
JavaScript entity    Skills  Learn
JavaScript Remote Scripting    Skills  Learn
Java script    Skills  Learn
Java scripting languages    Skills  Learn


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