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.NET Developer
 United States

We are accepting applications for all .NET experience levels. Some of the most desired skills sought for current .NET jobs include: ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, ADO.NET, Agile Software DevelopmentAjax, JavaScript, jQuery and MS SQL Server. The pay rate for full-time positions varies based on your skills and experience. Hourly rates for consulting and development projects range from $40-$100 per hour. Apply Now for .NET opportunities.

Your skills and expertise are in demand. You have choices. Our staffing partner, Capital TechSearch, helps you navigate through career options and find the perfect fit. When you apply for the .NET Developer specialty within our network, they work to get you paid. Apply now to consider options that fit your goals and interests. Let us work for you.

Apply once for .NET Developer opportunities within our network in the United States. Connect with .NET Developer jobs, projects and consulting gigs that match your skills, goals and interests. Save time and let us find you the right opportunities. Click the Apply Now button to submit your application.
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Want a change of scenery or a chance to learn new skills? Are you seeking the security of an established company or the excitement of building the next big thing? Are you looking for a "Plan B" or ways to get paid for doing something different? IT1me can show you options based on your skills and interests. IT1me connects you with jobs, projects and easy ways to explore your options.
Become a Network Resource
Let IT1me work for you. Get paid to offer your advice and perspective. Get paid to help employers screen applicants and verify skills. Earn income through coaching, training and consulting. Apply to be considered for ALL .NET Developer opportunities within our network.
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We value your time and confidentiality. IT1me never sends any of your information to a potential employer without your knowledge and permission. Explore opportunities safely and worry-free. Click the Apply Now button to get started.

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IT1me is an online network focused on promoting and developing IT talent. We match your interests and skills with opportunities. We provide tools and resources to help you reach your IT career goals. Our supporting network includes technology companies, educators, marketers, IT managers and human resource professionals. IT1me was founded in Richmond, Virginia by Seen2 Inc. and Capital TechSearch.
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Apply once to be considered for jobs, projects and consulting gigs matching your skills and interests. Explore your options and get paid to interview. Apply by specialty below:
.NET Developer
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Web Developer
Opportunities by Skill
MS SQL Server
Virtual Machine Manager

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