Yellowfin Business Intelligence

Industry Computer software
Business intelligence
Founded 2003
Founder Glen Rabie and Justin Hewitt
Headquarters Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Tokyo
New Hampshire
Area served
Key people

Glen Rabie [CEO],

Justin Hewitt [COO], Brad Scarf [CTO], Chris Benham [CMO]
Products Yellowfin 7.4, DashXML

Yellowfin is a business intelligence (BI), dashboard, reporting and data analytics software vendor. Yellowfin's software allows reporting from data stored in relational databases, multi-dimensional cubes or in-memory analytical databases. Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, the now global company was founded by a team of business intelligence industry veterans.


Yellowfin was founded in 2003 to address the need of business users and the growing demand for pervasive business intelligence. Its focus was on the user experience and the development of easy to use web based interfaces.

Yellowfin initially developed a ROLAP (Relational OLAP) tool for a SAAS application software vendor. This resulted in an early specialization in providing both embedded reporting capabilities to software companies as well as support for the complexities of multi-tenancy hosted environments.

The first version was 2.1 and released in 2004. This version was fairly basic and provided report writing capability only and lacked the meta-data layer and dashboard components available in later releases.

The product is based on an open server architecture and was developed in Java. The design provided the basis for subsequent releases to introduce greater levels of functionality. Amongst these was the development of a fully integrated location intelligence module and mobile BI platform.[1] Yellowfin is recognized as a leader in the location intelligence space,[2] as it is one of the few business intelligence tools to have a fully integrated GIS functionality as part of its reporting and dashboard solution. In 2010 Yellowfin announced the release of a major new version 5.0. It includes an integrated in-memory columnar database to support querying of very large data sets and the ability to manage spreadsheet reporting through a centralized repository.

Due to the early association with other software vendors, Yellowfin had also specialized in the embedded business intelligence market providing their solution as a white label product. Yellowfin's primary business model is growth via channel sales through resellers, software partners as well as industry alliances such as Sybase.[3]

As a result of these partnerships Yellowfin has over 2 million end users and tens of thousands of clients in over 50 countries across a broad range of industries including financial services,[4] retail,[5] telecommunications, logistics,[6] professional services and government.


In 2008, MIS Magazine recognised Yellowfin with inclusion in its top 100 international strategic companies list for 2008

In May 2011, Yellowfin, has been recognized amongst the world's elite BI vendors, outperforming established players and Open Source BI vendors in the latest Dresner Advisory Services "Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study".[7]

The global study ranked vendors on a five-point scale, across 32 criteria, based on: Sales experience, value, quality and usefulness of product, quality of technical support, quality and value of consulting services, and whether existing clients would recommend the vendor and its product to others.

The findings, released mid-May this year and compiled via feedback from eligible respondents (users with first-hand experience with the BI vendors and their product/services), compared 16 of the world's leading BI vendors and awarded Yellowfin an overall score of 4.23 out of five. Yellowfin outscored big name players including Qliktech, SAS Institute, Microstrategy, Oracle, IBM Cognos, Microsoft and SAP Business Objects along with Open Source offerings Actuate (BIRT), Pentaho and Jaspersoft.

Corporate Achievements

(February 2015) Yellowfin rises in Gartner's Magic Quadrant[8]

(February 2014) Yellowfin debuted in Gartner's Magic Quadrant[9]

(January 2014) Yellowfin was identified as a 'Hot Vendor' in Ventana Research's 2014 Mobile BI Value Index[10]

(January 2014) Yellowfin lauded for usability in 2014 Nucleus Value Matrix for Business Intelligence & Analytics[11]

(January 2014) Yellowfin named a Champion in Info-Tech Research Group's 2014 mid market Business Intelligence report[12]

(November 2013) Yellowfin was recognized as a top performing Enterprise, Dashboard and Ad-hoc analysis vendor in BARC's The BI Survey 13 - world's largest annual survey of BI end-users[13]

(November 2013) Yellowfin ranked first in Dresner Advisory Services' 2013 Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Survey - a comparison of the world's foremost BI providers[14]

(November 2012) Yellowfin, has been recognized as one of Australia's 'coolest' businesses, named as a finalist in Anthill Magazine's 2012 Cool Company Awards.[15]

(November 2012) Yellowfin ranked first in Dresner Advisory Services' 2012 Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Survey - a comparison of the world's foremost BI providers[16]

(November 2012) Yellowfin, has been identified as a leading "Dashboard vendor" and "Small to Medium Projects vendor" in the Business Applications Research Center's (BARC) The BI Survey 12 - the world's largest end-user BI study.[17]

Yellowfin, has been recognized by venerated enterprise technology publication, Information Management, in its 2012 top 40 list of innovative enterprise software solution vendors[18]

Yellowfin, has been identified as a leading vendor of Agile BI solutions in a new benchmark report by analyst and research firm, Gleanster[19]

Yellowfin, has claimed a Stevie® Award for its BI solution in the Business Applications category at the 10th Annual International Business Awards[20]

Ovum, a global analyst firm providing enterprise technology-related research and consulting services, has praised Yellowfin's consumer-oriented Business Intelligence (BI) solution[21]

Yellowfin and client Macquarie University have received two awards for Location Intelligence (LI) at the sixth annual Ventana Research Leadership Awards[22]

Yellowfin, has outscored big name players again in Dresner Advisory Services' (DAS) latest Mobile Business Intelligence Market Study.[23]

Yellowfin's Mobile BI application for iPhone and iPad named as one of Australia's 100 most innovative products in Anthill Magazine's 'SMART 100' index.

Australian Financial Review MIS magazine - Strategic 100 Award.[24]

Australian Higher Education provider, Macquarie University (MQ), a client of international Business Intelligence (BI) vendor, Yellowfin, has won the People's Choice Award at the inaugural 2011 Excellence in Business Intelligence Awards.[25]


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